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Ciceley OKain

Cicely O’Kain is an artist in every since of the word. A free spirit who uniquely expresses her artistry through music, design, poetry and a sheer appreciation for life. Her infectious sound and style appeals to all when she’s center stage. Inspired by the sounds of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Chaka Kahn, and many other R & B legends. Her style is an eclectic mix of R&B and soul with whimsical twist. She’s vibrant and keeps her audiences entertained with her endearing stage presence.

Cici has always been inspired to create and share stories, whether through song writing or singing. She has always possessed a strong desire to creatively share herself. Her ability to sing was realized early in life. At age five she knew she was destined to express herself through song. Her God given talent was showcased at age 10 when she performed in front of her first audience at a local school talent show. From that point on, she aspired to sing. Born and raised in Denver Colorado, she had an opportunity to experience diversity and develop a love for all genres of music; however her true love has always been R&B.

Cicely has a true appreciation for life and the people that have come into her life to help her become who she is today. Loosing her mother had the tender age of 7 was difficult. “It was a pivotal point for me. I often feel my life sort of began from there. I harbored pain/anger and made lots of mistakes, but I always wanted better for me.” Cicely credits her drive and focus to her Grandmother who raised her. Her experiences have each planted a seed of knowledge, wisdom, and power, reminding her that things happen, but quitting is not an option. She gracefully balances her relationships with her children, friends and the people she cares for daily in her career as a hair stylist. Cicely is multitalented and displays what it means to be balanced. Never forgetting what people mean to her she has a stong desire to give back not only to her Grandmother, but to all. Cicely is an over comer and hasn’t let life’s obstacles keep her from walking in her purpose.

The Denver native has become a fixture in the local Denver music scene. She is regularly featured at Neosoul Thursdays at Jazz @ Jacks. She had been a featured artist with Shed “Can I Vent” G Vent Session shows and the Tribute to the Women of the 90’s concert at Castleman’s, has performed at The Soiled Dove in Denver, and the Village Underground and Ashford & Simpon’s Sugar Bar in New York. She has expressed her gospel vocals in various plays for Life Changers Ministries, True Light FG Baptist’s Gospel on the Green, the Potters House of Denver and God’s Tabernacle of Deliverance in Dallas TX. Cicely has been the opening act for recording artist Kenny Miles.

Cicely’s strength and triumph from bad relationships is displayed in her song titled “Done”. Her soulful vocals showcase the pain and strength to overcome a bad relationship and to never look back. “’Done’ is a universal message, when you’ve given chance after chance you just reach a point when you say enough is enough. In other words, you’re done”.

Who is Cicely Okain? She’s ready. Ready to embrace the next chapter of her life. Ready to take her music career to elevated heights. She’s cultivated her career locally and is ready to share her self with the world. Cicely Okain is ready.

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